Dr Kinnar Shah

Practice Success Strategy 5

Treatment Coordination

The Treatment Coordination Stage is a very delicate one. I am sure all of us have experienced a client that confidently agrees to a treatment with you in the Consultation room only to change his mind 10 minutes later when your front team wants to book him in.

As treatment coordination I define the CRUCIAL moment in which your patient exits the consultation with you and is now convinced that you are the right choice.

This is when you hand him/her over to your team, which cannot afford any slip ups at this stage.

The main reason why this step is so important is because you can have done everything perfectly, but if the patients has doubts once he/she leaves the room that can easily mean the loss of that case for you.
First 5 Steps of Successful Treatment Coordination are:
  • The Takeover
  • Ask Questions
  • Treatment Plan and Fee Structure
  • Using the SET Strategy to take a % Deposit
  • How many appointments are needed in total and how long is each appointment?
  • Consent Forms
Your Team needs to be trained to perfection to master a successful Handover from the Dentist to the Front Team.

It also needs to be able and confident to answer questions the patient might still have and didn’t ask the Dentist. It should make the patient feel at ease and confident even with sensitive topics like the financial situation and the different options YOUR practice provides.

Particularly big cases need sometimes 3-4 appointments and it is essential that the patient knows what he is committing to. With the right attitude and wording, those long treatment plans aren’t intimidating and much more sound like an adventure to a happier and healthier future.

Lastly I would like to mention how important consent forms for EVERY SINGLE treatment are. We have consent form the smallest procedures to stay protected and inform about possible risks. This needs to be brought up in the treatment coordination stage as well.

These little tips and tricks might not include huge changes in the strategy you have in place atm, but they make all the difference. In our practice, once a patient is converted by the dentist, 95% of the time he follows through and leaves a deposit.

The devil is in the details guys!