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Dr Hasan Lee

“I am so glad to have been a part of this seminar. The information I have been given over the last 2 days will be an absolute game changer in the way I approach my practice and patient. I can see this ideas will be so valuable for my whole team. I cannot wait to start implementing the concepts Kinnar has presented. Kinnar is proof that success in business is attainable for me. By following his tried and tested methods. Thanks again to Kinnar and the team. “

Ruksh Wkramcseya

''Kinnar is a very energetic speaker, and I found the course interesting, with a lot of interesting tips and trials.  The course was structured simple, thus very easy to follow and remember.  Content was kept minimal and a lot of time was given to practice what was taught.''

Mitesh Sanghavi

''Some great strategy secrets to be fine-tuned in our patient journey on a daily basis.  Was a great session.  The small details in sensing and perception and understanding the language patterns were absolute gold.

Would need to revisit it again to actually master it.

Amazing session today.  Thank you Kinnar.''

Yoyo Hung

''Very insightful information to the concept of practice management.  Very realistic and down- to-earth approach.  I thoroughly appreciate the combination of logic and emotional method Kinnar has to offer.''

Jason Kanowitz

''As a practice director and owner of a few businesses, I can confidently say that Dr. Kinnar’s course is incredibly valuable. You will be left mind blown and be able to implement strategies immediately into your dental practice and other businesses too!

This is a no brainer for achieving major business success.''

Ammy Barnes

''As a new graduate, this was extremely valuable in order to build the skills to communicate and build rapport with patients to obtain case acceptance, which is not addressed at Uni.''

Mahmoud Abdulrahman

''Thank you very much for your energy.  Very nice course.  Very informative and mind changing.  Lots of practice.  Lots of fun.

I am motivated to start implementing some of the techniques on Monday.

Thanks a million.''

Dr Zohal Azami

“Absolutely amazing, full of energy, content and tips and tricks. Dr Kinnar’s energy is unbelievable. The course was full of examples and demonstrated how to handle difficult situations, patient concerns, have the highest patient care, acceptance rates and how to make your business grow. All concepts learned was very applicable and eye opening. Great food, very friendly and welcoming. Thanks Kinnar for adding value in all of us.”


''The energy that Kinnar brings is amazing''


''Improving how I communicate with patients''

Dr. Tom

''Wanting to improve my communication skills to help patients''


''Learning how to inspire the team by my actions, rather than motivate''


''Design the question to get the answer through understanding your client''

John Scollo

''We'll be able to make more clients aware of what we have to offer''

Woonki Kim

''Thank you for the insight re patient/case conversions.''

Viet Le

''I really liked Kinnar’s energy and he gave refreshing insight into communication.''

Dr Luke Kyriacou

''The seminars have empowered me to inspire and impact my patients and staff, and utilize these skills in my everyday life. Dr Shah has inspired a new insight into my own behaviour and allowed me to build more confidence.”

Noopur Wadhawan

I’ve always enjoyed Dr. Kinnar’s content!  Today was wonderful – so much to think about.  Thank you for inspiring and educating me yet again!