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Dr Vikram Vasisht - Dental Precinct, Townsville

After finishing all the modules of Destiny Design, I had some time to reflect on the progress Dental Precinct has made during the course of training.

Our marketing strategies have improved leaps and bounds tripling the number of new patients. The team members are fully trained and the booking rate is now around 70-80%. The team is aligned towards our practice goals.

Dentists now have shown a higher case conversion rates and the practice profits have increased three folds. The patient retention and recalls are on the top ( around 70%+) In simple terms, the patients now get a 9 star experience.

In summary, my practice has grown an extra $90k a month !

As a team, we now know when and how to hustle and we definitely celebrate our wins.

Dental Precinct is now becoming a brand that our team and patrons feel proud to associate with.

Thank you Kinnar for what you have done. I really appreciate if you consider continuing to train our team periodically. Can’t wait to grow more, enjoy more and deliver more.”

Jason Kanowitz - Practice Manager - Drckanowitz

”I first met Dr Kinnar at a clear aligner symposium of which he was a special guest speaker at. His words, experience and authenticity is what captured my immediate attention, and; it was evident that he knew how to walk the walk.

My team has completed Destiny Design; a very unique customised programme that is split into several systematic modules for rapid growth. These modules focus on strategies to enable your team to truly understand what is required to take your practice from good to GREAT.

Furthermore, you are shown how to truly stand out from your competitors and you will be equipped with the tools to create immense branding and awareness. Since completing Destiny Design, our Practice revenue has grown by over 46% monthly, new patients have increased by over 455% monthly, case acceptance has increased to 75% and our patient enquiry booking rate is at 80%.

It is evident that whilst significant business growth has occurred, all our team members have too had incredible personal growth. Their persona, self confidence and ability to face anything is incredible and we now have a team who knows what to do and what is required to become the best version of themselves.

Overall, this programme is a MUST for ALL Dental Practices who truly want to be able to do more, serve more and genuinely become the best version of themselves.

I am very thankful for having met Kinnar and I can only say that if you want to take your practice to new heights which you wouldn’t have imagined possible, then act NOW; be bold, take that next step and your braveness will reap the rewards tenfold.”

Dr. Raghu Channapati & Vijaya Gowdar - Ooralea Dental Care

“Destiny Design” is the program that really designs your Destiny! Our team enrolled in this 12 months program and we completely transformed into the next level!

It is a program where we grow 3 dimensionally!

Starting from Branding, Marketing, phone calls, call conversions, 7start customer service, High case conversions, efficient handovers, advance payments, efficient rebooking’s, follow up and follow through! All aspects of the business have grown exponentially.

Our Google reviews have skyrocketed since this program!!! And the practice income has grown by at least 75K a month!

We are highly thankful to Dr. Kinnar Shah for his energy, knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and skills for motivating the whole of our team. He also helped us to grow personally by guiding us to understand the Business basics and keeping a good balance between the business and personal life.

Ooralea dental care has become an integral part of the community and is known for the “highest standards” in the region. We, our staff, and our customers thank Dr. Kinnar Shah and his wonderful team for their support and guidance.

We would recommend the “Destiny Design” program to any dental practice so that you can grow to the next level in this competitive world. We can assure you that you would not go wrong!”

Dr Akhil Chandra - Bayview Dental

I have known Kinnar for 3 years. I was feeling in a rut and I approached Kinnar seeking mentorship and leadership skills training.

Kinnar has a very clear vision and is a very hard worker. He always has innovative ideas and great contacts in business.

I have found that Kinnar is able to assist in mindset, marketing, and high performance.

He has been generous with his time and efforts and he is a passion to coach.

One of our businesses has grown by 50%; the other by 300% since we started. I am now doing the procedures I love and having less stress managing the businesses.

Been a pleasure Kinnar Akhil Chandra

Dr Sudhir Shivanna - Mackay Dental Clinic, Mackay

”I call it a fortunate moment I was introduced to Dr Kinnar and cannot recommend him enough for his guidance, he listens to you keenly till he gets a clear image of your strength and weakness and sets out a program, which is tailor made for your situation and hence fail proof.

Never felt so welcome and comfortable discussing your dream, the path u need to take and changes needed to reach there.

He changed our view on what it is to own a business and how to run a practice.

His guidance in setting up our website is invaluable, our inbound leads have grown so dramatically from our website and search optimization that was never the case before.”

Dr Abhi Pathak - South Coast Dentists, Nowra

”My team and I have been getting trained and coached by Dr Kinnar Shah and it has been a hugely transformational journey in terms of personal, philosophical and financial growth.

I highly would recommend to connect with him if you would want to have positive change in your life and grow exponentially with your practice.

My personal income has increased by $40k a month and the practice income by $75k a month.

Dr Kinnar Shah has been helping all our dental practices to coach dentists and teams through DestinyDesign program.

My team is loving it and the culture is great.”

Dr Geoff Wan - Bella Dental, Penrith

”I met Dr. Kinnar in 2015 and there was a spark that I could not explain.

Over the years I have taken his courses and spent time in his presence to accelerate my personal and professional growth.

I took over a business that was turning over less than $300k a year, to $2M in 5 years.

Those reading this will say, oh yeah, it was easy. The first years were tough and through it all, kinnar has been there to support the growth of my practice, my team, and me.

He has been a catalyst for the explosive growth from good to great and I owe him much gratitude for what he’s done for my business and my life.

The ultimate step-by-step guide to crafting the perfect marketing email.”

Dr Neerav Mandlewala - Collins Street Dental, Kiama

”We have been blessed to have such a wonderful Coach, Mentor and a friend.

He has helped us growing our mindset to live an amazing work life balance which I feel is the most important aspect in our profession. NLP- it’s not influencing skills it’s a way of life to understand and help people around you and important to you, be it work, family or friends.

On the work front, he has strategically helped our businesses to perform better and put us on path of growth.

He has simple strategies which are important to run a successful dental business.

I like keeping it simple part, as he says life is simple, then why complicate it.

I highly recommend Dr.Kinnar and his team.”

Dr Mitesh Sanghavi , Incredible Smiles

“Some great strategy secrets to be fine-tuned in our patient journey on a daily basis. Was a great session. The small details in sensing and perception and understanding the language patterns were absolute gold.

Would need to revisit it again to actually master it.

Amazing session today. Thank you Kinnar.”

Dr Yoyo Hung

“Very insightful information to the concept of practice management. Very realistic and down- to-earth approach. I thoroughly appreciate the combination of logic and emotional method Kinnar has to offer.”

Dr Rajalakshmi

“Last weekend I attended the NLP course in Brisbane delivered by Kinnar Shah, along with my practice manager. It was well structured and packed with great content. It was an eye-opener for why some people behave the way they do and gave an insight into how to build deep rapport with people within a short span. This skill is not only useful for our professional but also in our personal lives. A great tool to improve relationships and be a better communicator.”

Dr Hasan Lee

“I am so glad to have been a part of this seminar. The information I have been given over the last 2 days will be an absolute game changer in the way I approach my practice and patient. I can see this ideas will be so valuable for my whole team. I cannot wait to start implementing the concepts Kinnar has presented. Kinnar is proof that success in business is attainable for me. By following his tried and tested methods. Thanks again to Kinnar and the team. “

Dr Zohal Azami

“Absolutely amazing, full of energy, content and tips and tricks. Dr Kinnar’s energy is unbelievable. The course was full of examples and demonstrated how to handle difficult situations, patient concerns, have the highest patient care, acceptance rates and how to make your business grow. All concepts learned was very applicable and eye opening. Great food, very friendly and welcoming. Thanks Kinnar for adding value in all of us.”


“The energy that Kinnar brings is amazing”

Dr. Tom

“Improving how I communicate with patients”

Dr. Tom

”Wanting to improve my communication skills to help patients”


”Learning how to inspire the team by my actions, rather than motivate”


”Design the question to get the answer through understanding your client”

John Scollo

”We’ll be able to make more clients aware of what we have to offer”