Grow Your Dental Practice By Design

By Dr Kinnar Shah

Dr Kinnar Shah has spent the last 20 years refining his craft of building a highly profitable dental practice in Sydney. He immersed himself deep into the philosophy around business growth and how this can be applied to building a highly profitable dental practice. Now, with the learning of this experience, he has written an Amazon Best Selling Book that distills all of his years experience into a highly readable, information rich book

Dr Kinnar Shah

The book that will help you exponentially grow

We are taught in university to be clinical dentists, not business people. I saw that this was an issue for many of my colleagues, who were very talented dentists but were struggling in a business sense. So I put all of my learnings into a book that will change your business…forever.
Dr Rachel Hall

Finally a book that helps dentist design the dental practice that and the life that they desire. Great advice that when applied and actioned really works and shows. ​

Vikram Vasisht

I have been getting trained by Dr Kinnar Shah close to 3 years now, helping me grow both personally and on a business level. The journey is incredible and I have been seeing amazing results throughout the years. I downloaded allowing me to read anywhere at anytime. If you are imaging yourself to become a happy and successful dentist, then this book is for you!

Vijaya Gowdar

I can't recommend this book highly enough. It has really changed my way of thinking as it is filled with encouraging insights on how to be an efficient leader. And those 10 unique strategies to grow your dental practice are simply superb! I originally bought it for my Kindle but decided to buy a hard copy as well!

Abhijit Pathak

It's an honour reading this book, Dr Kinnar has been coaching me and my team to help accelerate our personal, financial and spiritual growth for the last 4 years. Dr Kinnar has shared an abundance of knowledge to help grow our dental practice significantly. All in all I cannot recommend this book highly enough as it is a must read for all dentists.

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