Dr Kinnar Shah

Practice Success Strategy 6

Follow Up & Follow Through

Now let me ask you a question… do you believe someone has your absolute best interest at heart if you have just one single interaction with them?

Not really right? Studies have shown it takes about 7 interactions nowadays to make a lasting impression on someone, imagine how many it take to wow them..

What I’m saying is you need to follow-up and check in on your clients. Care about them. Show them you are interested. Ask them how they are, check if they’re happy.

Follow up allows you to monitor your clients’ health, which is what you do, right?

It helps you reinforce any important knowledge and/or action plans. It helps engage and schedule any future appointments.

It helps show them that you care. It helps with referrals. It helps with building your business.

You can’t expect return clients if you don’t follow through. Period.

I often tell my fellow Dentapreneurs that the fortune is in the follow-up.

People in business often avoid following up because they don’t want to be a nuisance or be seen as pushy.

And no one wants to appear like a desperate and dodgy salesperson. We’ve all been trapped by pushy salespeople – and no one I know likes it.

But following up actually does the opposite of that: it makes you appear more professional and considerate.
The 5 things you MUST follow up

1. Telephone calls that were not converted to customers

2. Treatment plans not converted to customers

3. Reviews promised but not completed

4. Follow ups after clinical treatments

5. Follow up on important milestones of patients

Now, before you start ringing all your clients or start calling up all those missed appointments or enquiries from the past 12 months – just know that around 63% of people who have requested information about your company may not make a buying decision for at least three months, and a further 20% often take more than 12 months to make a buying decision
Let me ask you this, how many opportunities for new clients are there already in your practice?

How many people have you not followed up? These aren’t people that have ‘rejected’ you or one of your team, they are people that can tell you why they didn’t choose you, or why they didn’t attend their appointment or why they didn’t complete their treatment plan.

This type of feedback is gold! It gives you the chance to rectify the situation, to offer them a return visit, to find out the reason behind their behaviour.

It gives you the chance to understand clients’ objections and seek to resolve them sooner.

Don’t be afraid to build a relationship.

If they are celebrating a birthday or they have just had a new baby, keep in touch and see them as a lifelong patient – not just a one-time visitor.

These are people you are honoured to look after, so take them into your life and value them.

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