Dr Kinnar Shah

Practice Success Strategy 4

Gps Case Conversion

Lets be honest to each other here, your team can do an immaculate job, your marketing can be on point, your practice can look like a million dollar practice, but if you, the person of authority, the person that all this is build around, can not convince the patient that you are the best option, all the previous points fail.

So far you are probably comfortable enough, to empower a patient that needs a filling but it’s the high end cases that take real confidence.

To convince Mrs. Jones she needs a filling and spend $250 but 6-8 veneers, $10,000-$15,000 is an entirely different ball game.

So how do you convert those medium to high end cases?

I developed a strategy over many years of experience that, if implemented correctly, will make you the master of Case Conversion/Acceptance in your area and exponentially grow the income of your practice. GPS stands for Great Profit Strategy and that is exactly what it is about. Maximise your profit by seeing less patients but convert more medium to high-end cases.
The best strategy of becoming a master case converter, has 4 main Parts:
  • Engage
  • Gathering Intelligence
  • Demonstrate and Display
  • Convert and Close
You need to understand that sometimes the last place on earth a patient wants to be is at your practice. If they don’t like or trust you – you’re history.

And not just you – but your team. Reputation is everything.

And to excel at your dental practice, you must master the 4-step process if you want to exponentially grow your practice.

So today I am going to share the first part of the strategy with you.



There are two attitudes you must adopt to get where you need to go. These are my go-to attitude boosters. They are:

1. Your state dictates your fate. 2. Your energy introduces you before you even speak. Getting into a peak state and being filled with positive energy is crucial before walking in for a consultation.


First impressions matter. Over 70% of your patients have a visual dominant sensory perception. How you show up, how you present yourself, what you wear – all matters when converting medium to high-end cases. Take an inventory on this. My specific advice during these current times is not to show up wearing tunics or gowns. Rather dress smart.


We all know the power of a smile. I see too many dentists introduce themselves with low energy or even low enthusiasm. Great posture and a killer super smile is a prerequisite for building faster rapport.