Strategic Coaching Session

We'd love to sit down with you one-on-one and create the perfect solution to grow your dental practice.

Some of Our Topics

In case you are wondering what sort of topics Dr Kinnar Shah can help you with, below are some of the following that are often discussed during these highly effective one-on-one sessions. 

Personal Growth Coaching

How to become more confident, increasing your communication skills and assertiveness whilst improving your relationship skills both personally and professionally.  

Marketing Growth Coaching

Wonder how to implement your own marketing strategy and where to start? Dr Kinnar Shah can definitely help you implement and grow your marketing strategies.

Team Growth Coaching

How to be more efficient with your team and effectively manage them, ensuring you focus on that which is important to help grow your business and its team.

Business Growth Coaching

Learn to undertake the next step to grow your business, how to budget appropriately, and recommending different strategies to help grow your business.

Please consider accordingly the topic you would like to discuss during this one-on-one session, and the amount of time required to understand all the content and handle all the questions you might have. 

Once you have selected your session package Dr Kinnar Shah’s Executive Assistant will contact you to book in an appropriate time.

Words of innovation

Leadership is everything with what you say, the way you act, and how it shapes your character. Dr Kinnar Shah is here to help you shape your character for your to be more successful. 

Time is money

That’s why you have to make sure that whatever goals you are setting, you make sure you achieve those. Dr Kinnar Shah is driven to help you succeed in your business by not wasting any time.

Location is everything

Want to come in to pay us a visit to learn from the best? We are located at 4/307 Pitt Street! 

P.s. we love our fair share of cookies.