Dr Kinnar Shah

Practice Success Strategy 2

Top Telephone Techniques

Did you know the average Telephone Call Conversion rate for Dental Practices is around 40-50%?

Did you also know that most Dental Practice Owners i have spoken to don’t even know what their Telephone Call Conversion rate is because they haven’t even measured it. And it’s not their fault. They don’t have a Strategy in place. It’s a learnable skill and it’s easy to put the measuring strategy in place.

The telephone is a primary communication link in today’s business world.

To be ‎successful, you must be able to communicate effectively by telephone.

The telephone ‎can be the first or only communication you have with a customer or business contact. ‎

As a result, good telephone skills are essential at every level of an organisation.‎

For a successful business telephone conversation, what plays a very important role is the smile. Smile has the power to attract and welcome and to offer the empathy and comfort people not only face to face, but over the phone too.

This fact is often ignored by many team members of a business.

You are in the people business. Not the teeth business.

The conversion rate from phone to the chair in most dental practices is around 40%. That’s an annual statistic. I would say it’s more likely around 30 to 40%.

Now, imagine someone wants to get some major cosmetic work done, they’re going to call a few businesses. It’s not a small decision for them. It’s not just a filling. It’s a big investment.

Now here’s the thing: Most dentists don’t know the conversion rate from phone to chair. Why? Because they’re not measuring it.
Why is the conversion rate so low? Because they’re not providing adequate training.

As we say in the dental industry “where there’s no pain, doesn’t mean there’s no pathology.” If there’s no pain, it doesn’t mean there’s no problem.

There’s often a massive underlying problem. Just as we’re saying to patients, if there’s no pain doesn’t mean there’s no problem – it’s the same for us dentists.

Why our method works:
  • Developed techniques based on practical experiences
  • Extensive research in the dental industry, other businesses and service providers and psychological and behavioural factors of people at the giving and receiving end of dental services
  • We believe that a structured telephone Technique has the power to generate more businesses
Now, here’s something every dentist need to know:

Nowadays, approximately 40 to 50% of phone calls coming in now are cost related. Most people are price conscious. If you haven’t trained your team to handle these questions – then you are missing out big time!

Remember, those customers are going to go and see a dentist. You must know how to handle all these pain points in your customers and address them effectively.

To increase your phone conversion from 40% to 80% – you must be trained and deliberate. I have tried this strategy for over ten years, I can honestly say – if done correctly it converts 85% of the time.

The 5 crucial steps are:
1. Engage (build deep rapport instantly)
2. Empathy (find out the deeper needs)
3. Endorse (whats unique about the Dr/Practice/Technology)
4. Encourage (payment plans and other options)
5. Enlist (lead to booking an appointment)

Your front team needs to be trained in each of these steps. There are specific words and statements that can help increase the call conversions to appointments.

If you would like to know more about how to get your team trained exceptionally well on this, please reply back to this email with subject heading: TopTelephoneTechniques and your practice details and I will send you a basic script to follow.]

I hope this email helps you to perfect your Telephone Techniques and see more patients and hence more growth.