These Case Acceptance and Communication skills will help you make $800-2000 per hour.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program)
for Dentists two days seminar
10/11th Feb' 2024, Brisbane CBD.

These Case Acceptance and Communication skills will help you make $800-2000 per hour.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program)
for Dentists two days seminar
10/11th Feb' 2024, Brisbane CBD.

NLP for Dentists

Exponentially increase your power of influence & communication (NLP)
This course is designed to be a resource for you for the rest of your life, to teach you what NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is and how to effectively use it in both your personal and professional life.
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Let's achieve communication excellence

  • You will learn valuable tools for using NLP as well as unique tools for life in this intensive, power-packed 2 day seminar. In addition you will unleash the unlimited power you have within you and allow you to be super resourceful.
  • It’s from this resourceful state that will allow you to take the best actions and behaviours possible to sky rocket your financial, spiritual, emotional and social life.
  • Being a communication and a master NLP trainer and practitioner, I’ve distilled down the exact formula to build instant deep rapport by design and get your patients to immediately like and trust you and choose YOU to help them.

I promise this seminar will transform you and your perspective regarding patient consultations.

What will you learn from this course & more!

What is the communication model and how can it change your life?
The skills you will learn are neither ethical nor unethical – they are, however, very powerful. I suggest, therefore, that you follow these principles when you use them…
Whether you want someone to accept your ideas, your suggestion or your products / services, persuasion and influencing skills are the key.
We all have choices in everything we do. This fundamentals formula will help you make the correct choices.
Operate through the knowledge of the 9 presuppositions to produce superb results consistently in both your personal and professional life.
A distinction has been drawn between the conscious and the unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is very powerful yet vulnerable. What does it take to supercharge your unconscious mind?
Nowadays where information is cheap, attention becomes expensive. Learn how to build rapport by design. Get attention fast and maintain it. Your idea, message, recommendation will be accepted easier. Master 7 ways to establish rapport.
The human nervous system is ‘goal-seeking’ and will always tend to organise around a specific result or set of results. These results are referred to in NLP as ‘outcomes’. A well-formed outcome or direction to success has 5 attributes. This knowledge will allow you to set your sails to the right path.
How to ‘watch and listen’. This is one of the main ‘secrets’ to becoming highly skilled at NLP. You will learn how to train your senses to perceive more and more of what is happening in the other person – distinctions that would previously have been ‘invisible’.
Human beings experience themselves and the world they live in through the primary modalities of the five senses…Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Smelling and Tasting. By paying attention to the things people are doing and saying, it is possible to get intuitions about which representational systems are in consciousness at a given point in time, and which ones are out of consciousness. These intuitions will give you powerful choices as a communicator. Imagine that!
Have you ever noticed that people’s eyes move when they are thinking? This is valuable information that can provides us with clues as to whether they are thinking in pictures, sounds, feelings or talking to themselves. You will learn a simple technique to decode this. You will get the ability to attain some insight to someone’s thinking.
States are configurations of physiology and neurology, body and mind. You will learn how to create high performance states – both in yourself and in others.
The most common use of anchoring is to access resources, feelings and states when you want them. Replacing unwanted feelings and thoughts with desirable ones is freedom indeed. Steps will be shown on how to use this process for maximum benefit.
Whenever you set out to influence someone, there is great value in meeting them at their ‘map of the world’ before you start the process of leading them somewhere new. In NLP, this process is referred to as ‘pacing and leading’; making statements (for instance) about the current ‘reality’ for an individual or group before directing their attention somewhere else – somewhere with positive intentions.
You will learn to connect ideas. To merge one thought to another. To run your communication smoothly.
Language is one of the most profound influences on the way human beings shape their reality. Your ability to use language skillfully with intention will become one of the most powerful influencing ‘tools’ you possess. Language is processed by your unconscious. You will learn how to apply ‘indirect hypnosis’. Your level of influence will rapidly excel as you learn about embedded commands, analogue marking, negation, benefit headlining, tag questions, ambiguity, presuppositions, rhetorical questions etc
Stories and metaphors are some of the most powerful tools for influence and persuasion. When you tell someone a story, they look to their own experience to make sense of it. Stories will allow you to stand out and be recognized as someone who has the ability to move or transform people. Your public speaking skills will be highly enhanced by using the story showing strategy shared.
Every person has things which are important to them. At a high level, we refer to these as values (eg. freedom, security, adventure), but people also have ‘values’ within a given context. These are referred to as criteria. You will be shown a method to quickly establish someone’s criteria and let them know how what you are offering satisfies their criteria.
Human beings are very patterned, and most people make important decisions in the same way every time. Want to know how you can find out how to persuade someone to make a decision in your favour?
Your voice is probably your most powerful tool as a persuader. Your ability to speak with flexibility and control can have dramatic results. You will learn quite a few things about tone, pitch, rate, rhythm, volume and timbre. When to use what.
People buy benefits. When you are setting out to persuade or influence someone, it is a matter of bundling up the benefits (highly valued ‘pluses’ they get as a result of going your way) and anti-benefits (‘minuses’ they risk as a result of not going your way) so that they decide to go with your suggestion. Many of the tools and techniques in this training will help you to smooth the passage, but benefits & anti-benefits provide the motivation.
A distinction has been drawn between the conscious and the unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is very powerful yet vulnerable. What does it take to supercharge your unconscious mind?
We all get objections. The idea of objections is a natural part of the persuasion process, and you have a choice about when and how to deal with them. You will get armed with objection countermeasures. Advancing you to acceptance.
One question you need to know to ask someone for them to tell you exactly why they would choose you to do business with.
Six principles of influence that operate on human beings at a level below conscious awareness, as follows. You will learn many examples in each of them and how you can deploy these principles in your personal and professional life.
People buy benefits. When you are setting out to persuade or influence someone, it is a matter of bundling up the benefits (highly valued ‘pluses’ they get as a result of going your way) and anti-benefits (‘minuses’ they risk as a result of not going your way) so that they decide to go with your suggestion. Many of the tools and techniques in this training will help you to smooth the passage, but benefits & anti-benefits provide the motivation.
Questions are extremely powerful, and guide people’s awareness in certain directions. The more questions you ask, the more opportunities you get to watch, listen & strategize based on the patterns they are showing you. Master the art of question asking.

Testimonials NLP

"Dr Kinnar Shah has been an inspiration to me and other colleagues, as he manages to incorporate amazing dental and leadership skills! With his engaging and fun personality, he connects with people immediately and delivers content that they can immediately use to improve their morale, teamwork, management and communication skills."

Dr Angie Papas

Amit Chakravarti This seminar is one of the best seminars I have ever had in my life. Through this seminar I have understood NLP is integrated in all parts of our life. Learning NLP techniques and using language pattern is the way to have effective communication with your patient, spouse, kids. This seminar teaches you the best eight (8) effective ways to communicate with anyone and get what you want them to do.

Amit Chakravarti

A great opportunity to learn about a very interesting topic! Kinnar’s energy is contagious and you leave the course fully ready to apply the NLP techniques straight away! No doubt he could talk about NLP for a long time, given his expertise in the area. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in being a better communicator, whether at work, family or social setting.

Andrè Schertel

This is the second NLP course I’ve been on and it was amazing. Learning new ideas all the time. A must for everyone. This course can be used for everyone in everyday life.

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Colin Kanowitz

"Hypnotic language pattern experience is a one need sum above all of my skills I have accumulated to to date. After having a good thorough practice for the whole day it seems easy to utilise in everyday practice."

Dr P. Malik

Wow!! What a ride! Feels like a roller coaster through a theme park. A concept so simple yet so exclusive. A concept/technique that can empower you to influence, inspire, and impact yourself and everyone around you, including your family. NLP was absolutely an eye/mind awakening experience will certainly shake my limiting beliefs and make me ore resourceful in evolving as an owner, leader and entrepreneur. Definitely a must do for all those interested in growing!! Thank you Kinnar.

Fa4be7ff 594e 4a1e Aea8 Ded28da5e3b7.jpeg
Mitesh Sanghavi

Do you want to be a controller or driver when communicating with your children, friends, family members, teams and patients, then learning neurolinguistic patterns is no brainer? It enhances your skills to the very next level and gives you that leading edge. Thanks.

Nimesh Patel

"This is the second time that I have seen Kinnar present this course. For me, this was reinforcement and clarity in the principles he taught. Repetition is what creates mastery. This time, I brought all my staff so that they can experience and learn these invaluable skills. I have realised that without my team I cannot elevate my practice and take it to where I want it to be."

Jason Pang.png
Dr Jason Pang

NLP is one of the best courses I have attended. This is a game changer. It gave me tips and tricks which can be used in my professional and personal life. I can use the tools from today. I will be able to influence my staff on a daily basis. Kinnar Shah’s energy is contagious. He makes things easy to understand.

Krishna Baisani

Great two days of learning about NLP. Kinnar opened the door to a new world. The education provided in two days is practical to follow and help in all aspects of life to make your life peaceful and happy.

Gagan Sandhu

There can be nothing negative about Dr. Kinnar’s training - Action-packed, powerful and very engaging. This training has been an eye opener in so many ways. I cannot wait to implement these strategies; not only in my professional but also personal life and watch ourselves grow. Thank you, Dr. Kinnar and the entire team at Creative Coaching Concepts, for this wonderful module.


I would describe this experience as energizing. It makes you reflect on yourself as a person to be the best version of you and then inspire others to hopefully do the same. The weekend program created by Kinnar has been inspiring and his energy is infectious. You learn through Kinnar’s techniques, that he teaches so effectively, to create strong communication channels within your family, friends, and work.

Dr. Suchi Grover

Kinnar’s NLP course brings to the fore-mind all of the subtle ties of communication and building rapport to help connect with patients, friends, and family at a duper level. The consummate knowledge that Dr. Kennar shared with us is drawn from many notable leaders in the field such as Richard Bandler and John Grinder. This is only the first step to becoming better communicators.

Martin Lim

I came to this course, having done GPS, however did not have any knowledge of NLP and communication in general. I appreciated all the references made and further reading suggested. All the practice time given was good and helpful.

Rukshi Wickramasuriya

What an eye opener seminar!! For me, Dr. Kinnar’s seminars are always interesting; however, NLP is another level. By end of the second day I started seeing more changes in my thinking pattern. I can say that confidently because now I have power to recognize people’s thinking pattern. Completely life changing, thank you Dr. K!!

Tarak Pathak

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10/11th Feb' 2024 | Brisbane CBD
$ 2800 + GST
  • Regular Ticket Price
  • Two Day Seminar Ticket
  • Morning/Afternoon Tea + Lunch
  • 12 CPD points

Event - refund and cancellation policy

  • Cancellations more than 31 days before course start date – full refund minus $150 administration fee
  • Cancellations between 15 to 30 days before course start date – 50% refund minus $150 administration fee
  • Cancellations between 0 to 14 days before course start date – no refund4
*Creative Coaching Concepts must be notified in writing of transfer no less than 14 days prior to the event. Credits/transfer cannot be refunded at a later date.
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  • 110% money back guarantee.
  • If you feel you didn’t enjoy the 2-day seminar and did not get any value from it, I will refund 110% of your investment. You can donate the extra 10% to your charity if you like.
  • Thank you and god bless.

Get to the venue - Pullman Brisbane King George Square


Happy Clients About Me

Vidhi Somaiya
Vidhi Somaiya
August 23, 2023
Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom and experience in the field! Dr. Kinnar offers his time generously and always brings clarity, energy and direction to you and your team.
Ankur Sachdeva
Ankur Sachdeva
July 27, 2023
I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have crossed paths with Dr Kinnar. As a overseas graduate dentist and taken a long break from profession, I was facing challenges with case acceptance and needed guidance. I am so fortunate that Dr Govind introduced me to him and they took me under their wing. From the moment I started working with Dr Kinnar, it was a moment which goes like 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears'. His expertise and dedication to helping professionals like me achieve success are truly commendable. Dr Kinnar has been instrumental in transforming my approach to case acceptance. His insightful strategies and practical tips have significantly improved my patient interactions, leading to higher acceptance rates. I have experienced remarkable growth, and I owe a large part of it to him. I also follow his engaging and enlightening social media content which has been a source of continuous personal development for me. It's incredible how he manages to share his knowledge in such a relatable and motivating way. Beyond the work realm, I've had the pleasure of meeting him on a personal level, and he is as intriguing as he is inspiring. I have seen him Angry, excited, vulnerable and other mixed bag of emotions which is so human. His connective nature and commitment to making a positive impact on the community are truly admirable. One surprising aspect of Dr Kinnar is his incredible talent as a piano player. I've had the privilege of witnessing him play at Brisbane during a course. It's a testament to his versatility and well-rounded character. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Kinnar to anyone seeking a remarkable mentor. His expertise, paired with his charitable spirit and passion for personal development, makes him an exceptional individual to work with. Whether you're looking to improve your professional skills or seek inspiration for personal growth, he's the perfect guide on your journey. Thank you, Dr Kinnar, for making a profound impact on my life and career!
santosh Iyer
santosh Iyer
July 9, 2023
We signed up with Dr.Kinnar for the Destiny Design coaching during 2022-2023. Having attended and enrolled into various team centric courses over the past years, Dr. Kinnar’s program was appealing to us as he offered us on-site training, tailored specifically for us. Also it gave our team with an opportunity to improve their communication skills and to collectively regroup to set and achieve new targets. Before we started our on site training we had an one on one goal and expectation setting call with Dr.Kinnar. On this call we came up with specific goals that we as owners wanted Kinnar to help us achieve. We had 6 training days spread across the whole year with Kinnar training our team on his 10 strategies. We have definitely seen a monetary boost to our revenue. We also streamlined our workflow which was agreed by the entire team, meant everyone played a part in it to implement the strategies. At the end of the training we are happy that we have reached 90% of the goals that we had set and the remaining 10% well within reach. Thanks Kinnar for your guidance. Santosh and Sandy
Vinoth Kumar
Vinoth Kumar
July 6, 2023
A Life-Changing Journey with an Exceptional Mentor and Coach Dr Kinnar Shah..... I had the extraordinary privilege of working with a remarkable personal mentor and coach for the past few years, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the profound impact Dr Kinnar have had on my life. From the very first interaction, it was evident that he was not only highly skilled and knowledgeable, but also genuinely invested in my personal growth and success. One of the most striking qualities of Dr Kinnar was his ability to establish a deep sense of trust and rapport. He created a safe and supportive space where I felt comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities, fears, and aspirations. His empathetic nature and non-judgmental attitude made it easy for me to open up and explore my thoughts and emotions freely. Throughout our journey together, he demonstrated exceptional listening skills. He was truly present in each session, attentively absorbing every word I spoke. His ability to ask insightful and thought-provoking questions helped me gain clarity on my goals, values, and aspirations. By challenging my perspectives and beliefs, Dr Kinnar encouraged me to dig deeper and uncover the root causes of my challenges. What sets my mentor apart is his unwavering belief in my potential. He constantly reminded me of my strengths, empowering me to overcome self-doubt and embrace new possibilities. His guidance was not limited to theoretical advice; he encouraged practical action and held me accountable for taking steps towards my goals. Dr Kinnar's support extended beyond our sessions, as he provided additional resources, recommended reading materials, and even connected me with relevant contacts in their network. Highly recommened and not to be missed...
shahana abed
shahana abed
June 14, 2023
On the recommendation of a friend, I reached out to Dr Kinnar for coaching and some direction on how to accelerate my path to my goals. While I was unsure what to expect, I had made a list of things that I was hoping I might be able to discuss and get some clarity on. In the time we had, we discussed and evaluated all my strengths and also how to best use those to achieve said goals. Dr Kinnar gave me ‘next steps’ on all the points I had on my list and also steps to achieve the long term goals I have. The session was informative, engaging and hugely productive. I can say with confidence that I made the right choice reaching out and I plan to register for the upcoming course he will be conducting. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Kinnar’s ‘creative coaching concepts’ for anyone who wants some clarity or acceleration in their career path.
Dr Kanowitz The Friendly Dentist
Dr Kanowitz The Friendly Dentist
August 14, 2022
Being in the dental progression for 40 years I was stuck in a rut . I met Kinnaar 3-4 years ago at a conference and it was a life changing experience . That zest for dentistry was showered upon me . Not only do I work less but I enjoy my work and production has soared . Working alongside Kinnar has transformed me both mentally, physically and financially . I have been pushed to work outside my comfort zone. This I found very hard at first but with support it has become a lot easier. Meeting Kinnar has been life changing and I recommend his courses as a must in all aspects for your life.
Dr Kanowitz & Associates Dental & Facial Aesthetics
Dr Kanowitz & Associates Dental & Facial Aesthetics
August 14, 2022
Dr Kinnar is what we call a professional with a magnitude of skills that are beyond immeasurable. Not only are these skills applicable in business; they are used to transform ones lives and thus allow them to design their destiny. It has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster as I was winging it through most of my studies and work regimes, with no clear direction. Obviously Rome isn’t built in a day, yet since getting on-board with Dr Kinnar, I have increased my personal skills tenfold, and basically allowed all the pieces of the puzzle to come to a complete picture - in essence this has been a complete breakthrough. In the humblest of ways, I may say that my business acumen has increased immeasurably by being able to apply my knowledge correctly through Dr Kinnars courses, and; since inception, I have created another 2 successful side businesses. With relation to Dental practice in specific, we have taken our practice to creating 6 figures per month. If you want to see an additional (minimum) 30% growth per month then I would highly encourage you to jump on board and immediately join Dr Kinnars courses. Many thanks Kinnar, Jason
Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
July 4, 2021
How often have you gone through an experience that you knew would change your life forever? I had one off this moments when Dr Kinnar Shah walked into one of his seminars in 2018. I was seated in the audience and knew his talk was going to be special. Fast forward to 2021, and his mentoring and coaching has made a significant impact on not just the way I do dentistry, but how I look at business, work life balance and team bonding. In this ever changing environment, where plenty of "influencers" claim they have the magic solution to make dentistry less stressful and more rewarding, Kinnar is someone who has been there, done that and teaches from his own extensive experience. Changes I've seen in my life since Kinnar starting mentoring include my income tripling, better work life balance, stronger bonds and trust between my team which means the team works more efficiently. His mentoring has led to a massive shift in my attitude towards success, as it's almost scary when the right mentor shows you what your true potential is, and what you can acheive!