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Q. Tired of working hard, yet not making enough profits?
Q. Struggling to see high quality patients?
Q. Feeling burnt out and want to work less, whilst still maintaining a great income?
Q. Want to increase yours and your associates case acceptance rate over 90%?
Q. Want to align your team to take ownership of their duties and optimise their productivity?
Q. Want to stand out from your competitors as a great leader and clinician?
Join DestinyDesign Club for exclusive access to our premier solution. Our professionals will guide you through the membership process. Invest in our club for exceptional benefits, including unparalleled access to our solution. Join us today!

Australia's Leading
Coaching, Training & Mentorship Program
For Dental Practice Owners

Destiny Design Club

Are you interested in increasing your practice's revenue by an additional $50-100K per month without any additional stress or hassle?

Tired of working hard, yet not making enough profits?

Struggling to see high quality patients?

Feeling burnt out and want to work less, whilst still maintaining a great income?

Want to increase yours and your associates case acceptance rate over 90%?

Want to align your team to take ownership of their duties and optimise their productivity?

Want to stand out from your competitors as a great leader and clinician?

Join DestinyDesign Club for exclusive access to our premier solution. Our professionals will guide you through the membership process. Invest in our club for exceptional benefits, including unparalleled access to our solution. Join us today!

Welcome to
Destiny Design Club

We will help you:
  • Exponentially grow your dental practice
  • Be more productive & profitable
  • Enjoy the dentistry you love doing
  • Build a highly competent team and culture
To help and show you how to add an extra $50-100k PER Month in your Dental Practice.

Ultimately allowing you to work less, have more freedom and living life on your own terms.

Easy to Learn

A simplified and structured way of teaching including workshops and monthly meetings so you can be kept accountable and have the time to master the strategies.

Easy to Implement

Regular reinforcement and revision online sessions to fully grasp and adapt to a new way of execution and get maximum results.

Inspire and Grow

Become an elite dental practice owner in the industry. Think, act and lead your team and stand out from the rest.


3 Main Reasons
to Join this Program

Training Schedule


Module One: DDC Intro


Module Two: GPS Case Acceptance


Module Three: Team Training part One


Module Four: Mastering Digital Marketing


Module Five: Leadership


Module Six : NLP for Dental Professionals


Module Seven: Team Training Part Two


Module Eight: Accountancy


Module Nine: Final Review

Training Details

July 27th, 2024

Destiny Design

There are approximately about 50 systems in our practice. Did you know that out of those 50, only 10 will help you exponentially grow your dental practice. Imagine adding an extra $50-100k per MONTH. Imagine designing your life and business in such a way as to side-step the rat-race and live by choice, by design, not by default.

Destiny Design is a one-year coaching and mentorship program by me, Dr Kinnar Shah and my team. We will teach and help you and your team implement these 10 strategies. We will help you enhance your thinking, your actions, your habits and ultimately your results in life. We will help you exponentially grow and get a much higher level of success.

The 10 strategies are designed to remove any blocks, and erase obstacles that have previously held you back from achieving the next level of success. The roadblocks that have formed and stopped you exhilarating and exciting life of your dreams.

How to build a powerful mindset

Every successful person begins with 2 beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so. this is not something you will learn under one topic, but over the period of all modules. Success is 80% mindset and philosophies and 20% strategy. This is why I find it very important to talk about this and impart more wisdom and knowledge on it. I will help you build a strong and powerful mindset so you can enjoy life on a daily basis.

10 habits for ultimate success

Why are some people or even dentists more successful than others? See you don’t decide your future. You decide your habits and your habits decide your future. Destiny by Design.

Success is nothing more than a sum of small efforts/actions repeated day in and day out. We will help you understand and apply these 10 powerful habits that will propel your mindset and motivation and lift your success to the highest level.

August 17th & 18th 2024

GPS case conversion strategy and workshop (including objection handling)

GPS is a unique and the most advanced case acceptance strategy that allows you to follow a proven step-by-step consult. It uses specific visual, vocal and verbal communication to make you come across as
having more authority, credibility & expertise and inspire your patients to say YES to your treatment recommendations in less than 20 minutes. It will teach you to build instant rapport, ask intelligent questions, assess body language & sensory cues, discuss treatment options in a sequential manner easy for your patients to understand, handle all objections and get them to commit to treatment. You and your associates will feel more confident in consulting larger cases as you master this process. You could potentially double your daily production and enjoy more of the clinical dentistry you love to do.


- There is an exact formula to build deep rapport and likeability and convert med-high end treatment plans. INSTANTLY!
- Dentists who have learnt this are getting case acceptance within 15-20 min with over 85% success rate.
- There are secrets to our profession which simplify and maximise your productivity.
- The formula is called ‘GPS’ and you’ll have mastered it by the end of the one day seminar.

Follow this incredible strategy and you’ll learn:
- How to ENGAGE with a patient and create a great first impression.
- How to GATHER INTELLIGENCE so you can build deep instant rapport.
- How to DEMONSTRATE and DISPLAY so you come across as someone with credibility and gain more trust.
- How to CONVERT and CLOSE so you can hence serve the patient.
- You will feel more confident in your approach to case acceptance and get a sense of accomplishment when the patient will say YES to your treatment recommendations.
- You will never walk into a new patient consultation again not knowing what to say, when to say and how to say it.
- Moreover, I’ll share with you 5 reasons why patients don’t commit.
- And how to handle any objection such as: “I want to think about it”, “I need to go discuss it with my partner”, “let me check my schedule and get back to you”, “It’s too expensive”.
- Imagine being armed with the right responses for these objections.
- This is must to attend seminar for all dentists. Doesn’t matter how experienced your clinical skills are.
- Even if you have attended previous case acceptance seminars – there is none like GPS.
- You deserve to know this art and science of ethical case acceptance with an aura of self-confidence,
- This seminar offers great techniques for patient consultations to help you grow personally and professionally. Learn how it can change your perspective.
- You’ll enter a student, and leave as a master.
- Double your production, serve more patients, do more of what you love and get more freedom of time and choice in life.

13th September 2024

Top telephone techniques

Did you know the average conversion rate of a phone call to a booked appointment is 40%? Did you know that most practice owners know how many new patients they see in a month but have no idea how many have NOT been converted to an appointment by their front team. In many practices this number is between 30-70 unbooked patients a month. Your team will be trained in the Top Telephone Techniques. They will know how to answer every kind of call including those that are cost related. They will learn what to say and how to say it. They will learn how to give a classy experience over the phone including asking the right questions an endorsing the dentists, technology and expertise. Imagine increasing the telephone conversion rate to a booked appointment by over 85%? This strategy alone will allow an extra double digit patient numbers per month to be booked in.

7-star customer experience

5 Star customer service is old fashioned. We want to deliver a 7-star customer experience! Your team will learn 7 unique key factors to deliver this kind of an exceptional experience. Each factor is made to give your practice the wow factor you’ve always wanted. Creating raving fans is what we all want and there is a special way to do that.

Referrals and Reviews

A trusted review and referral is the holy grail in your business. This priceless strategy is still one of the leading sources of business growth. Your team will learn the exact method and script to amplify your reviews and referrals. There is a unique way to do this.


What gets measured gets managed. Your team will be trained to share with you what metrics or KPI’s that really need to be looked at on a monthly basis over one single page.

26th October 2024

Master Digidental Marketing

In today’s competitive dental industry, simply having a practice isn’t enough. To thrive and grow, you need to attract more leads, new patients, and increase your revenue while building a strong, recognizable brand. This seminar is designed to help you do exactly that.

How Will This Seminar Help You?

Through expert insights and actionable strategies, you'll learn:
- The best practices for building a high-converting website.
- Effective SEO techniques to rank at the top and drive organic traffic.
- Mastering AdWords to reach the right audience at the right time.
- Leveraging social media marketing to engage and attract new patients.

What Will You Gain?

By attending, you'll walk away with:
- A clear understanding of digital marketing tailored for dental practices.
- Practical steps to enhance your online presence and boost patient acquisition.
- Proven methods to increase your practice’s revenue and improve your brand.

23rd & 24th November 2024


No business is better than the output of the teams in it. How a team is lead makes all the difference between a dysfunctional team and an exceptional team. Sadly, too many teams lack motivation and don’t cooperate efficiently because they have owners and associates who take a self-centered approach to leadership. Their interest in their team begins and ends with its ability to produce results. And that’s it. And that’s sad.

What’s more, they don’t model the behavior they expect the team to exhibit; they’re happy to bark orders, but not to listen in turn. They’re not much interested in their team’s well-being or development, either. This kind of managing is counterproductive and contributes to the modern epidemic of toxic work culture. Thankfully, there are many great leaders out there who want to do better. Leaders that coach understand that when the team is thriving, great results follow naturally.

Whether you’re already the leader of a team or just want to improve your leadership skills generally, this weekend will help you reprioritize your values and develop your interpersonal skills. Along the way, you’ll pick up a couple of neat coaching tricks you can immediately integrate into your daily routine.

A great team will help you through any challenging times and will help you grow exponentially. A great team comes by being a great leader.

This weekend , you’ll learn to :
Inspire Influence and Impact and understand thoroughly what is required to become a GREAT leader.

1st & 2nd February 2025

How to inspire, influence and impact people to take action and enhance their positive behaviours and choices.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Dentists

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to learn and master new concepts in no time flat and just seem to excel at everything they do while you seem to struggle? Do you ever wish that you could truly understand why other people think and act in a certain way so you could gain more cooperation from them?

Do you ever wonder if you could obtain very specific outcomes in various aspects of your life like your relationships, finances, team motivation and career?

 NLP Is The Key To Really Getting What You Want

Perhaps you’ve heard of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP before but in case you haven’t:

NLP is a powerful is a powerful body of knowledge which contains an arsenal of tools that enable you to really understand how the human mind works and how to communicate with it in the most effective way possible in order to achieve a specific result.

In other words it serves as the blueprint to really understand what’s going in your mind as well as the minds of others.

To keep it simple, think of it like this.

Your entire life as you know it is the result of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

And at the center of all of this is your mind. Your mind is controlling everything from how much money you make to your psychical shape to whether or not you’re in a happy relationship.

In a perfect world, you would would always have the right track of thought, would always feel good and would always make the best possible decisions.

Now we both know that world isn’t perfect and things don’t always work out the way that we hoped.

Now more then ever there are more people out of shape, unemployed, poor, divorced and unhappy.

And if you really look at the cause, it’s mind-related.

Simply put, if there is something that you want out of life and you don’t have it yet it’s because somewhere along the line there is a disconnect taking place in your mind.

In other words, there’s a part of your mind that wants to lose weight but for whatever reason that part of your mind isn’t communicating effectively enough with the part of your mind that enables you to take the action needed to achieve that goal.

Well that’s where NLP comes in. NLP gives you the knowledge to learn how your mind (and the minds of others) works and responds to the stimuli needed to help a person achieve a specific goal or outcome.

And what I’ve always found fascinating about it is that not only does it help me improve my life, it helps me improve the lives of others and gives me a birds eye view at what’s going on in their minds which is a key part of the persuasion process.

Six Reasons Why You Should Learn NLP

Understanding and mastering NLP enables you to:
- Finally achieve the goals that you’ve always dreamed of
- Influence the minds of people in both individual and group settings
- Create clear plans to achieve specific results and outcomes in life
Understand how people process the information that you present to them so you can do it in the most effective way possible
Learn how and why certain people act the way they do at certain times and what to do about it
Use the parts of your mind that will be the most efficient at getting you what you really want out of life

Body language secrets

Kinesics is the interpretation of body motion communication such as facial expressions and gestures, nonverbal behaviour related to movement of any part of the body or the body as a other words, it is the study of body language. Science shows that first impressions are made in less than seven seconds and these vital seconds are heavily influenced by your body language. In fact, science shows nonverbal cues have over four times the impact on the impression you make than anything you say. I will teach you the most important body language cues to look out for and some facial reading patterns too. You will be able to use that to your advantage in understanding others, getting them to like you, catch their thinking and decision making processes and become a great communicator.


- Stories and metaphors are some of the most powerful tools for influence and persuasion. When you tell someone a story, they look to their own experience to make sense of it. They let their conscious shields down. When someone has a certain problem or need, story about someone else who had that problem or need and had it solved will be very powerful. You will learn how to use this fact to streamline your persuasion. You will walk away knowing the exact formula and process of storytelling. It will make you more influential and inspiring to others.

Influence Mastery

Learn the techniques only the elite know on how to inspire, influence and impact others. You will walk away learning different ways of changing someone's behaviour and course of action. You will have the power to positively guide people into taking the next step.


7th March 2025

Treatment co-ordination strategy

How affirmativeis your handover to the front team after a consultation? Has your front team got a specific strategy to take over the patient, ask the right questions, run them through the treatment and payment plans, take a deposit, go over consent forms, and make them feel special? A significant percentage of patients are lost at this point of the patient journey. Your team will be trained in the best treatment co-ordination strategy.

Recare strategy

One of the most commonly missed or cancelled appointment in a dental practice is the 6 monthly hygiene recare appointment. That’s because the patients generally don’t feel the need nor urgency for it. Dental practice owners are sometimes unaware that more than 40% of patients don’t come back for this regular appointment. Implementing the teachings of this unique strategy will solidify that this leak is tightened and that more than 90% keep their appointment. Moreover the team will learn how to bring about the topics and interest of teeth whitening and teeth straightening - topics which are consistently missed out on being discussed with the patient.

Follow-up, Follow - Through strategy

Following up does the opposite of being a pushy or dodgy salesperson. It makes you appear more professional and considerate. And inevitably, this will get you more patients and help you have a following stream of them. Your team will be trained in the 5 crucial areas where they need to follow up and follow through with your patients. The fortune is in this. In doing what so many businesses fail to do. Following up is essential to walking your talk. You say that you’re excellent at personal and individualised patient care – but following up shows that you are. Because the bottom-line is: if you don’t follow up/through your patients then someone else is going to. And if they do it well – you may never see them again. You can’t afford to blow it because in this competitive era there are often no second chances.

Social Media Branding

Engaging on social media gives a dental practitioner to build brand and build trust with potential patients and talent/employees.

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Generate Leads
  • Nurture Leads
  • Implement Social Listening
  • Connect Social Posts to Opportunities
  • Build Brand Authenticity
  • Grow Your Audience
  • Build a Community
  • Stay Top of Mind With Key People
5th April 2025

Dental practice owners should have a comprehensive understanding of both financial accounts and key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure the efficient and profitable operation of their practice. Here’s a detailed overview of essential knowledge areas:

Financial Accounts

1. Revenue and Expenses:
- Revenue Streams: Understand the various sources of income, including patient fees, insurance reimbursements, and any other services offered.
- Expense Tracking: Keep a detailed record of all expenses, such as salaries, rent, utilities, supplies, and equipment maintenance.

2. Profit and Loss Statement (P&L):
- Income Statements: Regularly review P&L statements to understand the practice’s profitability over a specific period.
- Cost Management: Identify areas where costs can be reduced without compromising service quality.
3. Cash Flow Management:
- Cash Inflows and Outflows: Monitor cash flow to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover day-to-day operations.
- Budgeting: Create and adhere to a budget to manage resources effectively.

4. Accounts Receivable and Payable:
- Receivables: Track outstanding payments from patients and insurance companies to maintain healthy cash flow.
- Payables: Ensure timely payment of bills to avoid penalties and maintain good supplier relationships.

5. Tax Compliance:
- Tax Obligations: Stay informed about relevant tax laws and ensure timely filing of tax returns.
- Deductions and Credits: Leverage all available tax deductions and credits to minimize tax liability.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

1. Patient Metrics:
- New Patient Acquisition: Track the number of new patients joining the practice each month.
- Patient Retention: Measure patient retention rates to ensure long-term sustainability.

2. Operational Efficiency:
- Appointment Scheduling: Monitor appointment scheduling efficiency, including cancellation and no-show rates.
- Chair Utilization: Track the utilization rate of dental chairs to optimize resource use.

3. Financial Health:
- Revenue per Patient: Calculate average revenue generated per patient to assess financial performance.
- Profit Margins: Measure gross and net profit margins to understand profitability.

4. Treatment Metrics:
- Case Acceptance Rate: Track the percentage of treatment plans accepted by patients.
- Treatment Completion: Measure the completion rate of recommended treatments.

5. Staff Performance:
- Productivity: Monitor the productivity of dental hygienists, assistants, and other staff members.
- Training and Development: Track the effectiveness of staff training programs and their impact on performance.

6. Patient Satisfaction:
- Feedback and Reviews: Collect and analyze patient feedback and online reviews to gauge patient satisfaction.
- Net Promoter Score (NPS): Measure NPS to understand patient loyalty and likelihood of referrals.

By regularly reviewing these financial accounts and KPIs, dental practice owners can make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency, enhance patient satisfaction, and ensure the financial health of their practice.
31st May & 1st June 2025

Before we wrap up the program, we are excited to offer two powerful, value-filled days. These sessions will provide a comprehensive overview of everything we've covered over the last 12 months. Our goal is to ensure that all the insights, strategies, and skills you’ve gained are deeply embedded into your practice.
We'll revisit key concepts, dive into advanced techniques, and address any lingering questions you might have. By reinforcing this knowledge, you'll be well-equipped to sustain and accelerate your growth for years to come. These final days are designed to solidify your understanding and empower you to apply these principles effectively, ensuring your practice thrives in the long term.
Join us as we recap, reinforce, and ready you for an even more successful future.


Meet Our Trainers

Skill sets and strategies that will enable you and your team to get your Dental Practice a boost!
Dr Kinnar Shah
Dentist | Trainer | Coach

What Attendees Say

Skill sets and strategies that will enable you and your team to get your Dental Practice a boost!

“Most impressive”

After finishing all the modules of Destiny Design, I had some time to reflect on the progress Dental Precinct has made during the course of training.

Our marketing strategies have improved leaps and bounds tripling the number of new patients. The team members are fully trained and the booking rate is now around 70-80%. The team is aligned towards our practice goals. Dentists now have shown a higher case conversion rates and the practice profits have increased three folds. The patient retention and recalls are on the top ( around 70%+) In simple terms, the patients now get a 9 star experience.

In summary, my practice has grown an extra $90k a month ! As a team, we now know when and how to hustle and we definitely celebrate our wins. Dental Precinct is now becoming a brand that our team and patrons feel proud to associate with.
Dr Vikram Vasisht
Dental Precinct, Townsville

"Valuable Training Program”

”My team and I have been getting trained and coached by Dr Kinnar Shah and it has been a hugely transformational journey in terms of personal, philosophical and financial growth.

I highly would recommend to connect with him if you would want to have positive change in your life and grow exponentially with your practice.

My personal income has increased by $40k a month and the practice income by $75k a month. Dr Kinnar Shah has been helping all our dental practices to coach dentists and teams through DestinyDesign program. My team is loving it and the culture is great.”
Dr Abhi Pathak
South Coast Dentists, Nowra

“impressive Training”

I met this guy in 2015 and there was a spark that I could not explain. Over the years I have taken his courses and spent time in his presence to accelerate my personal and professional growth. I took over a business that was turning over less than $300k a year, to $2M in 5 years. Those reading this will say, oh yeah, it was easy. The first years were tough and through it all, kinnar has been there to support the growth of my practice, my team, and me.

Kinnar has been a catalyst for the explosive growth from good to great and I owe him much gratitude for what he's done for my business and my life.
Dr Geoff Wan
Bella Dental, Penrith

"Valuable Training Program”

”Dr Kinnar Shah is one of our unforgettable friends, invaluable mentor and a very humble person. He has played a major role in our life by motivating us to achieve great things and fulfilling our dreams. Our business enrolled in a program by Dr Kinnar Shah! The "Destiny Design” is a program that really designs your Destiny! In this 12 months program our team completely transformed into the next level! It is a program where we grow 3 dimensionally!

Starting from Branding, Marketing, phone calls, call conversions, 7star customer service, High case conversions, efficient handovers, advance payments, efficient rebooking’s, follow up and follow through! All aspects of the business have grown exponentially.
Our Google reviews have skyrocketed since this program!!! And the practice income has grown by at least 75K a month!
We are highly thankful to Dr. Kinnar Shah for his energy, knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and skills for motivating the whole of our team. He also helped us to grow personally by guiding us to understand the Business basics and keeping a good balance between the business and personal life.
Ooralea dental care has become an integral part of the community and is known for the “highest standards” in the region. We, our staff, and our customers thank Dr. Kinnar Shah and his wonderful team for their support and guidance.

We would recommend the “Destiny Design” program to any dental practice so that you can grow to the next level in this competitive world. We can assure you that you would not go wrong!”
Dr. Raghu Channapati
Ooralea Dental

Watch us in Action!

Video Testimonials


“impressive Training”

”I first met Dr Kinnar at a clear aligner symposium of which he was a special guest speaker at. His words, experience and authenticity is what captured my immediate attention, and; it was evident that he knew how to walk the walk. My team has completed Destiny Design; a very unique customised programme that is split into several systematic modules for rapid growth. These modules focus on strategies to enable your team to truly understand what is required to take your practice from good to GREAT. Furthermore, you are shown how to truly stand out from your competitors and you will be equipped with the tools to create immense branding and awareness. Since completing Destiny Design, our Practice revenue has grown by over 46% monthly, new patients have increased by over 455% monthly, case acceptance has increased to 75% and our patient enquiry booking rate is at 80%.

It is evident that whilst significant business growth has occurred, all our team members have too had incredible personal growth. Their persona, self confidence and ability to face anything is incredible and we now have a team who knows what to do and what is required to become the best version of themselves.

Overall, this programme is a MUST for ALL Dental Practices who truly want to be able to do more, serve more and genuinely become the best version of themselves.

I am very thankful for having met Kinnar and I can only say that if you want to take your practice to new heights which you wouldn’t have imagined possible, then act NOW; be bold, take that next step and your braveness will reap the rewards tenfold.”
Jason Kanowitz
Practice Manager - Dr kanowitz

Design your Dream
Dental Practice

With unwavering commitment and dedication, I assure you that my team and I will be by your side every step of the way to propel you towards unprecedented success. Our mission is to empower you to expand your practice and make a lasting impact in your field. With our support, you will unleash your full potential and soar to new heights. You have the power to achieve greatness, and we are here to help you navigate the journey with confidence and unwavering support. Trust in us to help you accelerate every area of your practice growth, and together, we will reach the pinnacle of success. Let’s make your dreams a reality!

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If you require any further information or would like to discuss this program, please reach out.
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