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Our services.

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Dr Vikram Vasisht

NLP is a basic and essential tool for effective communication and team building. Kinnar Shah has made such a complex confusing subject into a simple piece of cake. Get yourselves changed to get clarity of your visions, set goals and get your team to focus on helping you achieve your dreams. NLP gives you the power to conquer your dreams.

Dr Sonia Kharinta

Thank you Kinnar for your wealth of knowledge. Your ability to empower others and your enthusiasm and energy displays your passion for what you teach. Your ability to teach others the psyche of their patients and to better understand them will make us all better dentists and forever change our perception of the world.

Dr Vijay Devayya

AMAZING EYE OPENER TO BETTER COMMUNICATION WITH PATIENTS!! Great environment and good food on both days. Kinnar is great at nailing the system of communication. GREAT STUFF. Thank you Kinnar!

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