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Mind Magnetism Map & Facial Reading 24/25 April, 2021


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It is said that the mouth is where you keep all your secrets, but the teeth of the individual can reveal a lot more.

Reading facial expressions is something comes naturally to most of us. But if you learn to observe them more carefully, you’ll take your communication skills to the next level.

Face reading can provide you with an accurate insight into a person’s personality. It is a useful adjunct to your ability to get into rapport with people.

Reading faces is an art and a science. When you conduct a face read, it is important to get a profile view and a frontal view.

To actually perform a face read in detail requires time and skill, though several insights can be gained in a matter of moments. How to read faces does involve rigorous study, discipline and commitment.

A person’s face is the seal of their identity. Our face is what gives us our distinct identity and separates us from others. You are you because of your distinct facial features.

If all of us had the same face, there’s no doubt that interpersonal communication among humans would’ve been excruciatingly difficult, if not impossible.

This is why when communicating with someone we spend most of the time looking at the person’s face. This assures the person that we’re addressing them and them only, not anyone else.

According to psychology studies, human beings are capable of making more than 10,000 different facial expressions in communication. No wonder most non-verbal communication happens via the facial expressions!

Imagine, if there were no facial expressions, how our day-to-day interactions would be like. There would be no way of knowing how a person feels about what’s going on except body gestures and verbal communication.

There would be no way to communicate how we feel about something, except body gestures and verbal communication.

A change in a person’s facial expression always indicates a change in their emotional state and a change in the emotional state invariably leads to a change in facial expressions.

So, go ahead, observe people and learn the subtleties surrounding face reading. Your rapport skills will quickly increase and you’ll soon realise that reading faces is fun and informative!


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