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Practice Success Strategy 10: DASHBOARD


Have you ever noticed, that the pilot of an airplane does not much else than check dashboard with its thousands of buttons and steer the plane into the right direction?

Similarly, you are the pilot of your dental practice. You don’t operate every aspect of it, but it is your responsibility to know what is going on, if you are on the right “flight” path and have a good overview of how your plane is flying.

Unfortunately quite often, I come across dentists that are flying their practice dangerously close to the ground keeping their eyes closed. 

How many of you know the number of patient that called in a month? And of that number how many came to see you? And out of that number how many did you convert and sell a treatment to?

These are fundamental questions that every practice owner NEEDS to know for every month.


It’s amazing that it takes only 10-15 minutes of your time per month to know:

  • how many new patients you had this month
  • how many new telephone conversions
  • how many reviews you received
  • how many ads worked from your allocated budget
  • what your ROI was this month
  • what your turnover was.


Your dental dashboard is your eagle’s eye view of your business. Throughout history, the eagle has been universally seen as a visionary, a symbol of strength and leadership.

An eagle-eye view is the best way to get the full vision of how your business is travelling.

The ‘ostrich-view’ – however is the head-in-the-sand approach, this may delay looking at the reality momentarily, but in the long-run, it will not work. 

It’s very important to understand that having your dashboard sorted is the best way for you to see your results.

Include your team and educate them on why it’s so important to the sustainability of the business.

Don’t wait 6 to 12 months to look at your balance sheet, to know your profit and loss statements – you need to pay attention to your business growth every month.

This is the final strategy I am sharing with you in this email sequence. 

I hope you found the last 10 email strategies valuable and implement them in your daily practice life to reach unknown levels of personal and economical success.

In my practice at Smile Concepts 80% of our focus energy and effort has gone into maximising these 10 strategies. This has allowed us to see and serve over 220 new patients a month and gross an average of 1 million dollars per chair

As a success coach, I believe that all practices have the potential to reach such an exponential growth.

To guarantee your practice reaches these levels of success, we offer an in-house coaching program in which I personally train you and your team to excel at the business and management components that make a dental practice a success. 

To qualify for this opportunity, I am extending a complimentary business coaching call for the first 15 people that respond to this email. Our capacity for the coaching program in 2020 is already maxed out so all new coaching agreements would commence in 2021. 

If you have any questions, missed out on a strategy or want to know and learn more about how to develop a super successful dental practice, email me and me or my EA Mia will get in touch with you.

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