Training For Dentist

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming)

15-16th May, SYDNEY

Presented by

Dr Kinnar Shah

Exponentially Increase Your Power Of Influence & Communication

This course is designed to be a resource for you for the rest of your life, to teach you what NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is and how to effectively use it in both your personal and professional life.


You will learn valuable tools for using NLP as well as unique tools for life in this intensive, power-packed 2 day seminar. In addition you will unleash the unlimited power you have within you and allow you to be super resourceful.


It’s from this resourceful state that will allow you to take the best actions and behaviours possible to sky rocket your financial, spiritual, emotional and social life.


Being a communication and a master NLP trainer and practitioner, I’ve distilled down the exact formula to build instant deep rapport by design and get your patients to immediately like and trust you and choose YOU to help them.


Event Speakers

Kinnar Shah

Triple Verified Business Coach

If NLP enables rapid change, why not learn rapidly?

What is NLP?

What is the communication model and how can it change your life?

Persuasion & Influence?

Whether you want someone to accept your ideas, your suggestion or your products / services, persuasion and influencing skills are the key.


Operate through the knowledge of the 9 presuppositions to produce superb results consistently in both your personal and professional life.


Nowadays where information is cheap, attention becomes expensive. Learn how to build rapport by design. Get attention fast and maintain it. Your idea, message, recommendation will be accepted easier. Master 7 ways to establish rapport.

Is it Ethical?

The skills you will learn are neither ethical nor unethical - they are, however, very powerful. I suggest, therefore, that you follow these principles when you use them…

The Fundamentals

We all have choices in everything we do. This fundamentals formula will help you make the correct choices.

The Unconscious Mind

A distinction has been drawn between the conscious and the unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is very powerful yet vulnerable. What does it take to supercharge your unconscious mind?

Outcomes & Directions

The human nervous system is ‘goal-seeking’ and will always tend to organise around a specific result or set of results. These results are referred to in NLP as ‘outcomes’. A well-formed outcome or direction to success has 5 attributes. This knowledge will allow you to set your sails to the right path.

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What NLP Can Do For You

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Dr Jason Pang

"This is the second time that I have seen Kinnar present this course. For me, this was reinforcement and clarity in the principles he taught. Repetition is what creates mastery. This time, I brought all my staff so that they can experience and learn these invaluable skills. I have realised that without my team I cannot elevate my practice and take it to where I want it to be."

Dr Angie Papas

"Dr Kinnar Shah has been an inspiration to me and other colleagues, as he manages to incorporate amazing dental and leadership skills! With his engaging and fun personality, he connects with people immediately and delivers content that they can immediately use to improve their morale, teamwork, management and communication skills."

Dr P. Malik

"Hypnotic language pattern experience is a one need sum above all of my skills I have accumulated to to date. After having a good thorough practice for the whole day it seems easy to utilise in everyday practice."

Dr Bez Shokouhi

Kinnar Shah’s NLP course was the perfect follow up to Kinnar’s BLC course. A high energy information packed weekend surrounded by friendly, like minded dentists. The skills learnt and practiced this weekend will not only be instantly applicable and beneficial in my dental practice, but also in day to day life."

Dr Tristan Cuffe

Exceptional Content. Exceptional delivery. Real word application. A must for any Dentist who wants success in life and business. Fantastic!’ I was skeptic going in but Kinnar’s influential and powerful message gave me the motivation, systems and strategies to effectively communicate to my patients.

Dr Chris Milligan

Great course. Dr Kinnar kept it interesting because he kept the content focused towards techniques we could use every day to improve our practice, yet provided a solid overview of NLP and personal mindset.

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