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Neuro Linguistic Programming: 18th & 19th July 2020

Exponentially Increase your Power of Influence & Communication.

Whether you want someone to accept your ideas, your suggestion or your products / services, persuasion and influencing skills are the key.

Pullman Sydney Hyde Park
36 College St, Sydney NSW 2010, Australia


Steps to training your subconcious


Steps to influence people to achieve success


Steps to mastering body language for influence

Empower yourself with effective communication. This will help you convert more patients!.

You will learn the secrets of the mind, the origins of the fears that have held you back and the necessary tools to create anything you want. You will thoroughly learn the advanced techniques of persuasion and influence. Giving you the ability to get people to take positive action and turn problems and obstacles into springboards for super success.

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Learn how to demonstrate authority to increase case conversion 0
Use information gathering to increase sales 0
Make dramatic, positive changes in the way you think, feel and act. 0

Hundreds of dentists are already applying this with super successful results..

In this seminar, you will learn to attract, engage and convert high end ticket patients

Over the last three years, I've trained hundreds and hundreds of dentists in this exact strategy and it’s changing the way they do business. Now, these parts have to be followed in order. You cannot convert medium to high-end cases with any consistency if you skip through this section.

The foundations of success is creating an engine for sales that starts with you!

Ask yourself the question...where do I want to be?

In this 2 day seminar, you will learn:
• Be your best in tough situations, all the time.
• Successfully get your message across, every time.
• Detect patterns in human behavior and harness them
• Learn to model yourself based on characteristics common among high achievers.
• Eliminate and remove difficulties in your work and personal life by recognizing and altering the patterns that create them.
• Be able to build rapport with anyone.
• Control almost any situation.
• Improving and using states of mind.
• Catapult yourself to great success using the secrets of managing your emotional states.

“When you become the master of your mind, you are master of everything.”.

Swami Satchidananda

Persuasion & Influence

Whether you want someone to accept your ideas, your suggestion or your products and services, persuasion and influencing skills are the key.

Language Patterns of Influence

Your ability to use language skilfully with intention will become one of the most powerful influencing ‘tools’ you possess.

Your unconscious mind is very powerful yet vulnerable. What does it take to supercharge your unconscious mind?

How to build a burning desire and passion which will allow you to take others on a journey in which you decide the destination.

Pacing & Leading

Assess the current ‘reality’ for an individual before directing their attention somewhere else – somewhere with positive intentions.

You will learn how to take the ideas I teach you and drive the strategy within your team and achieve highly successful results.

The students of Dr Kinnar Shah.

How We Help Our Clients Grow.

I will empower you to grow your business exponentially

I will teach you to how to persuade those around to bring your goals to life

The art of selling requires mastering a full sensory experience. I will show you how.

To grow your business, we must first grow your character. I will focus on empowering your mind.

I will show you how to market your business to create a flow of traffic through your door.

“A person’s mind is so powerful. We can invent, create, experience, and destroy things with thoughts alone.”.


An investment that will grow your future exponentially.

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Pullman Sydney Hyde Park
36 College St, Sydney NSW 2010, Australia
9AM - 4PM Each Day

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