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GPS Case Conversion Strategy

23rd April, MELBOURNE

That one STRATEGY that will make you $800-$1500 per hour

Achieve HIGH Case Conversion With A Proven Strategy Called Growth Profit Strategy

The one STRATEGY which will allow you to perhaps work 3 days a week and give you more time and freedom of choice to pursue other passions and projects?

The Strategy is called GPS

In this seminar, you will learn to attract, engage and convert high end ticket patients

Being a communication and a master NLP trainer and practitioner, I’ve distilled down the exact formula to build instant deep rapport by design and get your patients to immediately like and trust you and choose YOU to help them.

In the GPS seminar, the entire first day is spent on this formula.

We get down to the exact strategy to use. Literally 80% of the formula is fixed with a 20% leeway and alteration to the personality of your New Patient. You will have mastered this by end of the first day. On Monday you can immediately put it into place and have a straight forward strategy to use with every patient rather than fumbling around.

Event Speakers

Kinnar Shah

Triple Verified Business Coach

Shweta Patel

GPS really works wonders. It's amazing how it helps you change your numbers, conversions and most of all your confidence. It really illustrates how important and essential communication is. Thank you Dr Kinnar for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and skillset to educate us.

Dr. Nimesh Patel

'The Distance between Reality and Dreams is called the Action'' This is just one of many gold nuggets we shared in the last couple of days. When you are surrounded by an inspiring crowd you are pushed to your limits and beyond.

Dr. Henriette Macri-Etienne

The institution manual to great leadership was delivered by Dr. Kinnar Shah, great energy and clarity. I'm walking away from this seminar with many gems of knowledge and wisdom. Purely due to Dr. Kinnar's own growth and learning which he presented well.

Dr. Ana-Maria Romero

Thank you Kinnar for such a great seminar. The experience was beyond my expectations and I feel ready to start my own new journey. Looking forward to your next seminar and I'll be sure to come back with my own revelations.

Dr. Matthew Cohen

Thank you for your energy, effort, time, insights, and wisdom you have given us this weekend, to help transform our lives and influencing us to do better. This has positively changed my life, both personally and professionally.

Dr Riz Ahmed

It is almost scary to unlock your true potential! I've been trying to perfect my implementation of the GPS technique, and the results are unbelievable! Because Dr Kinnar Shah showed me the right way to build rapport with patients I have been able to convert so many more patients.

    Event Schedule

    A quick overview on what you'll learn.

    9.30 - 10.30 AM

    Marketing Matters!

    How to create instant rapport by design.

    Kinnar Shah

    Creative Coaching Concepts

    10.30 - 11.30 AM

    Reinventing Experiences

    How to WOW your customers into feeling comfortable and make you the dentist of choice.

    Kinnar Shah

    Creative Coaching Concepts

    11.30 - 12.30 PM

    The Million-dollar Formula

    How to ask a series of 4 powerful questions, to emotionally engage the patient.

    Kinnar Shah

    Creative Coaching Concepts

    12.30 - 1.30 PM


    Time to cool down and digest, both some food & drinks plus all the amazing new things you just learnt.

    1.30 - 2.30 PM

    Foundations of Success

    Learning how to drive success and implement the strategy within your team to achieve extraordinary results.

    Kinnar Shah

    Creative Coaching Concepts

    2.30 - 3.30 PM

    GPS - Case Conversion Strategy

    An in-depth explanation of The 4 Stages of Consultation, where Dr Kinnar will teach you how to attract and engage with clients.

    3.30 - 4 PM


    Time to cool down and digest, both some small food & drinks plus all the amazing new things you just learnt.

    4 - 4.30 PM


    Concluding the seminar, time for questions and reflection plus the ability to strategize on your next steps

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