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Melbourne EVENT – Cliftons on Collins Street – Achieve HIGH Case Conversion

With A Proven Strategy Called Growth Profit Strategy

What is that one STRATEGY that will keep your practice engine running and produce massive profits?.

That one STRATEGY that will make you gross $800-$1500 per hour averaged out?

The one STRATEGY which will allow you to perhaps work 3 days a week and give you more time and freedom of choice to pursue other passions and projects?

The STRATEGY is called GPS (Great Profit Strategy of Case Conversion).

In this seminar, you will learn to attract, engage and convert high end ticket patients

Being a communication and a master NLP trainer and practitioner, I’ve distilled down the exact formula to build instant deep rapport by design and get your patients to immediately like and trust you and choose YOU to help them.
In the GPS seminar, the entire first day is spent on this formula. We get down to the exact strategy to use. Literally 80% of the formula is fixed with a 20% leeway and alteration to the personality of your New Patient. You will have mastered this by end of the first day. On Monday you can immediately put it into place and have a straight forward strategy to use with every patient rather than fumbling around.

Just look at how GPS has empowered Dr Kinnar's students!.

Straight from the members-only Facebook group

This is the seminar to skyrocket your business motivation to deliver results.

How to create a system where you're are motivated, inspired and driven to take a vision and bring it to life.


Ways to motivate and inspire


Goals to drive your success


Ways to create a business that delivers results

The Million-Dollar Formula Revealed!.

What you will learn in this seminar
It’s now been 9 yrs that I’m working less than 3 days a week as a dentist (well 2 now as most of you know) and grossing averagely $12k per day. But I want to teach you these skills so that you can mimic my movements.
• How to create instant rapport by design
• How to WOW your customers into feeling comfortable and make you the dentist of their choice
• How to ask 4 series of powerful questions, to emotionally engage the patient
• How to read body language and buying signals
• How to use visual and kinaesthetic language and tools to make the patient understand and agree with your treatment options
• How to bring up cost discussions confidently
• How to handle price and time and discussing with partner - objections !
• How to apply a rapid final case converting formula at the end of a consult to get total agreement from patients to go ahead

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Learn how to demonstrate authority to increase case conversion 0
Use information gathering to increase sales 0
Convert sales like never before 0

Hundreds of dentists are already applying this with super successful results..

In this seminar, you will learn to attract, engage and convert high end ticket patients

Over the last three years, I've trained hundreds and hundreds of dentists in this exact strategy and it’s changing the way the do business. Now, these parts have to be followed in order. You cannot convert medium to high-end cases with any consistency if you skip through this section.

``I’ve always enjoyed Dr. Kinnar’s content! Today was wonderful – so much to think about. Thank you for inspiring and educating me yet again!``.

Noopur Wadhawan

The foundations of success is creating an engine for sales that starts with you!

Ask yourself the question...where do I want to be?

In this exclusive 1 day seminar, you will learn:
- How to create a 7 star service model for your patients
- How to get a mass of referrals flowing into your business
- How to train your team to be motivated sales machines
- How to WOW your customers into feeling comfortable
- Deal with complaints quickly, methodically and succesfully
- How to use the Great Profit Strategy to transform your business
- How to implement a staff training system that inspires success

``Even if you have done Kinnar’s courses before, GPS is a fantastic refresher course and a way to sharpen up your case conversions. The GPS system gives you the system and tools to handle the tougher patients and their objections to treatment. ``.

Richard Chee

The 5 overarching skills you will walk away from this event with....

This GPS system is a pathway to a faster route to get your patients to say yes to your recommendations

You will learn 7 simple steps you can take to drastically improve your customer service and get referrals flowing in.

How to build a burning desire and passion which will make the journey full of joy.

Talking about it is one aspect, I will uncover a blueprint for success that you can copy into your business to drive impressive results.

You will learn how to take the ideas I teach you and drive the strategy within your team and achieve highly successful results.

The students of Dr Kinnar Shah.

Here's what they've said about his seminars

``GPS is a great course. Simple, easy to understand. Will take a bit of practice to get used to but is no rocket science. I am sure to give this a good try.``.

Rajiv Subbaiah

``It takes months to find a customer... seconds to lose one``.

Vince Lombardi

An investment that will grow your future exponentially.

General Public Price

MELBOURNE - 1 Day Event
Cliftons on Collins Street
9AM - 4PM

  • GPS Friday 23 April, 2021 General Public
  • 1500 $
    • Entry to the Great Profit Strategy (GPS) Seminar
    • Lunch & Networking opportunities
    • This is the key to your future growth
    • Venue: Cliftons on Collins Street (Melbourne)
    All prices excluding GST.

``It was great! Real eye opener and a way to convert patients which just seep through the system. Signed my wife and myself up for the NLP because I was very happy. Thank you Kinnar and the entire team. ``.

Jaideep Menon


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