That one STRATEGY that will make you $800-$1500 per hour!

GPS Case Conversion Strategy

30th April, SYDNEY

Achieve HIGH Case Conversion With A Proven Strategy Called Growth Profit Strategy

The one STRATEGY which will allow you to perhaps work 3 days a week and give you more time and freedom of choice to pursue other passions and projects?

The Strategy is called GPS

GPS – Following a methodical case acceptance strategy that uses specific visual, vocal and verbal communication to inspire your patients is the key to getting commitment to your treatment recommendations and it’s ONLY attainable through the unique Great Profit Strategy (GPS)

Since then I have been lucky enough to teach incredible dentists like you about the vital importance of communicating correctly with your potential patients and increasing your case acceptance.


And have your patients choose you and say YES..

What You'll Learn

In this seminar, you will learn to attract, engage and convert high end ticket patients

Being a communication and a master NLP trainer and practitioner, I’ve distilled down the exact formula to build instant deep rapport by design and get your patients to immediately like and trust you and choose YOU to help them.

In the GPS seminar, the entire first day is spent on this formula.

We get down to the exact strategy to use. 

Literally 80% of the formula is fixed with a 20% leeway and alteration to the personality of your New Patient.

You will have mastered this by end of the first day.

On Monday you can immediately put it into place and have a straight forward strategy to use with every patient rather than fumbling around.

Event Speakers

Kinnar Shah

Triple Verified Business Coach


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