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Goal Setting Seminar: 1st FEB 2020

For over 9 years I have been teaching and training people to set goals using my own personal formula of 12/12/12.


Categories of Goal Setting


12 strategies of goal setting


12 secrets to goal setting

Why is setting goals and objectives so important?.

The truth is, much of whether you'll succeed or fail in life depends on how well you set your goals. Goals give you a sense of direction as well as a sense of purpose. Objectives help you stay on track and keep you from straying too far from your destination. With so many distractions in life nowadays, how many of us find ourselves doing things which are not purposeful for our growth or not taking us to the next level? Instead we are serving other peoples agendas!

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Why do individuals and companies alike take it so seriously?.

Many of us may feel we are born a multi-tasker. In fact, many people find juggling many different hats stressful and nearly impossible

Without clear set goals and a plan of action, we tend to aimlessly wander about our lives – never really fully living the best version of ourselves. Well, its never too late to get back into focus. Into the things that matter. Into the journey to your next level of success. Its time to get clarity about your growth, contribution and choices in life.

The foundations of success is goal setting

Ask yourself the question...where do I want to be?

* How to build empowering belief and faith. Be the captain of your thoughts not the captive.
* What resources would you need?
* How to look for both internal and external resources which you will need to achieve your goals faster.
* How to maintain laser focus approach to managing your time.
* How to get into momentum and maintain it.
* Short, mid and long term goals will be set in a strategic way in these categories so as to manifest them. Everyone should have this finished and actioned for before the end of the day.
* How to make the right decisions and who to involve.

``A goal should scare you a little and excite you A LOT”.

- Joe Vitale

This is a detailed process in setting goals and also the exact process of bringing them to reality.

How to gain control over your thoughts, over your set goals and ultimately your life.

The necessary action steps to be taken to reach the goals.

How to build a burning desire and passion which will make the journey full of joy.

The exact process of motivating yourself to do it and avoid procrastination.

How to build empowering belief and faith. Be the captain of your thoughts not the captive.

The students of Dr Kinnar Shah.

How We Help Our Clients Grow.

I will empower you to grow your business exponentially

I will teach you to how to persuade those around to bring your goals to life

The art of selling requires mastering a full sensory experience. I will show you how.

To grow your business, we must first grow your character. I will focus on empowering your mind.

I will show you how to market your business to create a flow of traffic through your door.

``One day or day one``.

An investment that will grow your future exponentially.

This is all it takes to rapidly fast track your business growth

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