This seminar is the ULTIMATE session to get the secret blueprint for digital marketing success..

You will learn to create an ENGINE that EXPLODES your revenue...and the process can be entirely automated.


Learn about the entire Patient Value Journey


Roadmap for unique, influencing and outstanding websites.


Step up and stand out with your social media.

A 2-day course that is UNMISSABLE.

Unique techniques in - Digital I Social Media I Video - Marketing

• Gain unique marketing points that will
make you stand out from your competition
• Explore the holistic Patient Value Journey to engage more proactively
• Skyrocket your traffic with ads that people can’t help but click
• Learn how effective, long-term, incremental social media marketing is the only way to win
• What you need to know about AHPRA and Marketing Guidelines
• Digest the fundamentals of SEO, PPC and SMO
• Learn the #1 Mistake Dentists make when creating Ads/Marketing Campaigns
• The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing
• The best sources to acquire new patients
• How to measure the progress and performance of your Marketing Campaigns
• Learn how to drive a sale with cautious leads

ANSWER THIS: Do you want to double or TRIPLE your revenue?.

- If you do...get your website in order with an engine that converts.
- If you do...learn to develop content that prospects can't look away from
- If you do...learn to create video content that makes you an authority
- If you do...understand how simple SEO tactics can make you appear at the most crucial moment
- If you do...learn how paid advertising is essential to fast-tracking revenue explosion
- if you do...implement effective social media content that sells your service before you even see the patient!

Is your marketing effective???

* What channels should you be using?
* How do I define my message to market?
* How do I provide an INSANELY good offer?
* How do I convert more people on my website?
* How do I get my offer show to THE RIGHT PEOPLE?
* How can I get my marketing to do the conversion process for me?

These are just a few of the questions we will be answering.
We will provide you with the blueprint for marketing success.

What will this seminar include?.

Just putting a message out to market WILL NOT get you more patients. It must appear at the right time and account for the mind-set that the customer is in. This 2-day seminar is split into 2 very strategic days. You need to create a wholistic marketing strategy that scoops in traffic, converts them into leads and transitions them into sales. This is scientific.

Digital Marketing philosophy, strategy and execution 0
Social media, content development and distribution 0

“One of the fundamental principles of marketing is content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”.

— Dr Kinnar Shah

Before someone can buy from you, they have to realize you exist…right?

Understand how convert your audience through innovative marketing

I will show you how to engage an audience to capture their interest.

Learn how to take interest a push the sale on cautious leads.

You will learn to capture their information

Achieve Brand Advocacy

Learn how to turn your customers into brand advocates that do the marketing for you!

The students of Dr Kinnar Shah.

How We Help Our Clients Grow.

I will empower you to grow your business exponentially

I will teach you to how to persuade consumers around to bring your marketing to life

The art of marketing requires mastering a full sensory experience. I will show you how.


To grow your business, we must establish your message.

I will show you how to market your business to create a flow of traffic through your door.

“Designing your digital dreams and building your dental dynasty”.

— Dr Kinnar Shah

An investment that will grow your future exponentially.

This is all it takes to rapidly fast track your business growth

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    All prices excluding GST.
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  • 400 $
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    • Empower your team!
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  • General Public EARLYBIRD - 2 Days
  • 900 $
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    • Increase new patient numbers & revenue
    • This is the key to your future growth
    All prices excluding GST.

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